Rocking Horse Saddle Sets

All our leatherwork is made from bridle leather - edged, stained and polished using traditional brass buckles or nickel buckles. Over the years we have designed many styles and sizes based on the traditional riding saddle, including contoured seats, knee pads and wool flocked panel which allows the saddle to sit firmly on the rocking horse's back and helps maintain the shape of the seat. The colour choice is dark havanna, black and light havanna (tan) with matching hide or suede.

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Standard Flat Saddle Set

Standard Flat Saddle Set8" or 9" saddle seat. The saddle has a plain flap with a moulded suede seat which sits flat on the horse's back. It has an attached girth with deluxe bridle and detachable stirrup leathers. Hand stitched throughout.



Deluxe Saddle Set

Deluxe saddle setThe saddle in this set has a contoured suede seat giving it the look of a traditional saddle. It has an attached girth, detachable stirrup leathers, martingale and includes a deluxe bridle.  Hand stitched thoughout.


Medium Slim 9 1/2" seat
Large Wide 10 1/2" seat
Also available in small 8 1/2" seat

Knee Pads      £38.50
Padded Felt Numnah    £15.00
Detachable Girth     £21.00
Crupper & dock   £19.00




Jasper Saddle Set

jasper Saddle SetThis is our own unique design - the Jasper saddle has a suede or hide contoured seat with a wool flocked panel. This gives extra stability for both saddle and rider, knee pads can be added if required. This set includes a detachable girth, stirrup leathers, a deluxe bridle and a martingale. Hand stitched throughout.


Medium Slim 9 1/2" seat
Large Wide 10 1/2" seat

(Also available: Small 8 1/2" seat and Extra Large 11 1/2" seat)

Knee pads      £38.50
Nuumed wool numnah     £54.00
Crupper & dock     £21.00



Jasper Saddle Set

Jasper Saddle Set ColouredWith coloured seat and knee pads


Add £10.00


Jasper Saddle Set

Jasper Wool NumnahWith wool numnah, stitched and raised browband & noseband and brass fulmer bit



All our saddles are removable. The girths have brass eyelets added which when used in conjunction with securing or protruding screws gives stability when being ridden.

Eyelet detail               Eyelet detail 2

The photo shows two eyelets in the centre of our detachable girth, the protruding screws are positioned under the belly of the horse. Standard and deluxe saddles have one eyelet on their attached girth position under the right flap.

Saddle sets do not include stirrup irons but we can supply simple 3" irons at £22.00 a pair