How to Measure a Rocking Horse

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Removable SaddleRemovable Rocking Horse Saddle
(a) Length of body measured straight along the side
(e) Girth, measured right round the horse's belly
(m) Measure from centre of chest (I), round neck to centre of chest
(n) Measure from centre of chest to position of centre of girth
(o) Measure along top of Horse from tail to position of girth
(p) Measure back to front of detachable saddle if a suitable saddle is available
(q) Length of stirrup leathers, end to end




BridleRocking Horse Bridle
The bridles we usually supply buckle on, and there is a fair amount of adjustment on the buckle straps. Pencil a mark at each side of the horses' head, slightly below and behind the base of the ears, as shown in the drawing, right. Call these marks X1 and X2 and carefully measure as follows:
(f) X1 to corner of mouth
(g) X1 to X2, measured under the throat
(h) X1 to X2 measured over the top of the neck
(i) X1 to X2 measured round the front of the head
( j) Measurement right round nose, just above the nostrils
(k) Width of mouth from side to side




Nail on Saddle
Nail on Rocking Horse Saddle
(b) Are there metal staples fixed into the side of the Horse from which to hang the stirrup leathers? (If no, we shall supply a suitable alternative for hanging stirrup leathers)
(c) Length of saddle top
(d) Measurement across saddle block from side to side. (Leave out if Horse has no saddle block)


Measurement (a) indicates size as follows:
If (a) is less than 19 inches - Small horse,    if (a) is between 19 & 24 inches - Medium horse,   If (a) is between 24 & 29 inches - Large horse

Please take as many of the above measurements as you can , even if you are only ordering a single item - especially (a). If you have removed an old saddle or bridle, please send them to us to use as patterns. If you need any help or advice, please ring us on 01297-35877